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Book Club Free Month

book clubThis month we start our “new year” for book club. It will be the beginning of our 5th year together. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to start a book club. You can read more about that at Book Club!. So this month we had a free month to read what we wanted while deciding the format for the 5th year. Summer months are the best to read in. Bedtime no longer applies to myself in summertime. I have no idea how my brain deduced this because there are still 5 am feedings for B, 2 am potty wake ups for O, and 7 am wakeup calls, but in the summer it completely doesn’t matter. Needless to say when we decided to do a “book free month” in July, I was stoked! So far I have read the first three Harry Potters (for the fourth time), the third book in the Divergent Series (btw-that was a big fat ”meh”), and I am doing an ongoing book study of The Connected Child (more on this later). Last week I had about 20 pages left in the 3rd HP and I kept putting it down because I didn’t want it to end. Typically if I have even 50 pages left in a decent book by golly I am staying up until 2am to finish it. I am always sad to finish HP3 though, I love reading this book and it never disappoints. I could go on and on about that but I digress.  I actually just wanted to publish all the books from our four book club years. We usually have a family book exchange party in December so there are only 11 books per year but for some reason there is olnly 10 in the third year. I thought about highlighting the books I really loved but realized that I love them all. A book becomes so much more when you get to talk about it with a great group of ladies! Happy Reading!!!



Titles of the first year of book club:

Olive Kitteridge-Elizabeth Strout

What is the What-Dave Eggers

The Pilot’s Wife-Anita Shreve

Sarah’s Key-Tatiana de Rosnay

Still Alice-Lisa Genova

The Lace Reader-Brunonia Barry

Hunger Games-Suzanne Collins

Their Eyes were watching God-Zora Neale Hurston

Across the Universe-Beth Revis

Room-Emma Donaghue

Remains of the Day-Kazuo Ishiguro

Titles of the second year:

Wuthering Heights-Emily Bronte

To Kill a Mockingbird-Harper Lee

Little Bee-Chris Cleave

Ender’s Game-Orson Scott Card

Shiver-Maggie Stiefvater

The Girl that Chased the Moon-Sarah Addison Allen

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time-Mark Haddon

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society-Mary Ann Shaffer

Something Borrowed-Emily Giffin

People of the Book-Geraldine Brooks

Defending Jacob-William Landay

Titles of the third year:

The Happiness Project-Gretchen Rubin

The Devil in the White City-Erik Larson

Portrait of a Lady-Henry James

The Fault in our Stars-John Green

Wasted-Mark Johnson

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks-Rebecca Skloot

Shanghai Girls-Lisa See

The Long Earth-Stephen Baxter

Wild-Cheryl Strayed

The Handmaid’s Tale-Margaret Atwwod

Titles of the fourth year:

The Wicked Girls-Alex Marwood

These is my words-Nancy Turner

Sirens of Titan-Kurt Vonnegut

Rebecca-Daphne Du Maurier

And the Mountains Echoed-Khaled Hosseini

Labor Day-Joyce Maynard

January First-Michael Schofield

Code Name Verity-Elizabeth Wein

And Then There Were None-Agatha Christie

Losing my virginity- Richard Branson



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Baeya’s Nursery

Disneyland Camera Pics 048

I have been putting off posting pictures of Baeya’s room, it will, I’m sure, continue to change but I figured it was a bout time that I went ahead and posted since it has been SIX months now. I really wanted it to have a touch of girly but not too much, just in case she grows up to be a little more on the tomboy side. Didn’t want to peg her into the girly side just yet. As you may recall this poor room was Owen’s playroom and I was duped into thinking neon green was a good idea, just in case you are wondering…it’s really not!!! Owen’s Playroom/Future NurseryDisneyland Camera Pics 055

Disneyland Camera Pics 054Disneyland Camera Pics 047 Disneyland Camera Pics 046 Disneyland Camera Pics 060 Disneyland Camera Pics 058 Disneyland Camera Pics 056 Disneyland Camera Pics 053 Disneyland Camera Pics 051





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Getting it together

I was yet again, inspired by a pinterest post the other day to clean up my closet. I am actually pretty well organized but for some reason my closet is ALWAYS a disaster. My poor husband is kind of a neat freak and I am pretty sure the thing that drives him most up the wall…are my shoe boxes. 

These are my shoes on a good day…
Here are my shoes on a bad day…
So I went to Target and found a little shelf on clearance for $17 and now here is my closet!

I still have quite a few boxes with boots and heels but it looks so much better.  Your welcome husband.  And now I have to get rid of these, it’s a sad day.  Apparently (according to my husband) it is not normal to keep your shoes in their shoe boxes.  I am making my husband put them in our recycling, because my OCD heart can’t take it.
Farewell friends, you have served me so well, but it was time for a change. Just an FYI, if you looked in my mother and sisters closet you would see the same.  Which means I may not be as crazy as my husband thinks or my whole family is crazy.


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Pinterest Fail Turned Great

I decided a few weeks ago that since I finished my last class of the semester, I needed a project. So I went on down to the Home Depot and bought myself some paint. The original plan was to finally stencil an entire wall. I have been wanting to do this for ages and finally built up courage and read enough Pinterest stencil blogs to go for it. Well needless to say, it was a complete and utter fail! Apparently if the wall is textured the paint will inevitably bleed under the stencil. Which led me to my backup plan… I had to paint the entire wall. The paint I picked out just happened to be a shade of gray (my gray obsession lives on) but this time I thought I would do a dark charcoal. Well in our bedroom it basically turned out black. So now we have a black wall in our bedroom and I am telling you, I LOVE IT! Of course now I am trying to figure out how to paint my brown furniture. Ha! Always something. I ended up covering some old canvases with some leftover burlap that I had from another pinterest experiment and stenciling those instead. I still think it needs more but, here is the wall for now…What do you think?


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Gallery Wall- My Weekend Project

Ok I changed my gallery wall and started another one.  I think it looks better this time around.

Gallery walls have been a big question mark for me.  I am such a symmetrical person that it makes me super anxious to think of a wall with a bunch of stuff on it!  Not sure if I have been exposed yet but here is my secret.  I AM A TOTAL CONTROL FREAK.  It’s true, I know you’re all shocked.  So I tackled my fear and came up ok. I am going to be honest and say that I do not LOVE the wall yet.  But I really like aspects of the wall.  What do you guys think?  Any advice?  I painted all the canvases using stencils (except the family pic, of course) and surprisingly I have an urge to connect the gallery wall with the canvas above the doorway.  This particular wall is about 25-30 ft. tall and I would love to paint it too but need to invest in a very tall ladder.  Maybe another weekend…

I finally finished the hallway. SO here are the pics.