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OU/Tech game two years later

The feels get real big around this time of year. We are headed to Norman to watch the OU/Texas Tech game and I am overwhelmed with memories of two years ago. It was at this very game we got that magical call that B’s birth parents had chosen Nate and I to be her parents.

This is Baeya’s adoption story.

I find myself writing emotional things about how amazing adoption is and sounding completely ridiculous, BUT I don’t really care. People who have adopted talk a lot about how it’s not just adopting a child but finding and adopting your child. Baeya was put into our lives at the exact right moment. The timing was flawless.

I was ready to adopt the minute I saw our beautiful Owen. Cupid’s arrow hit me so hard with that kid I “needed” another.  We knew that adoption was our next step to parenthood but Nate thought I was crazy. He needed time to be a father to one child before we were able to “have” another. I begged and pleaded for more. When Owen was only a few months old Nate told me that He would not even talk about a second child until Owen was 1.

Unsurprisingly, when Owen turned one I started again. I just knew it would take a couple years to adopt and didn’t want  to wait any longer. Nate again told me I was an insane person for wanting another so quickly. After months of my incessant pleading (yes I am a super annoying person and aware of this character flaw) Nate asked me to stop. I was devastated.

If you know me at all you know that when I am upset I do not wallow in it. I make a new plan. The only “plan” I could think of was prayer. I cannot imagine how many times I prayed for Nate to “be ready” for adoption/the next kid. I didn’t breathe a word to Nate but Jesus heard my pleas through a lot of  tears. I can be a bit dramatic when my plans are halted. I straight up thought Nate would never want a second child but at some point, I just knew that God had put this passion for adoption in my heart and he would see it through.

Then, when Owen was 2 months shy of turning two years old Nate out of the blue came to me and said he was ready to start the adoption process. I had been praying and “suffering” in silence for this moment to happen for over a year. These words were everything to me. Within one month of this conversation we had pre applied to 2 agencies, spoken with numerous international and domestic adoption social workers, and been accepted into the Buckner domestic infant program.

10 months later our precious, wonderful daughter was born. Cupid’s baby arrow had struck again and I was in love. Baeya Hope came into our lives in two days and hasn’t slowed even a little. She is a force. The OU/Tech game has a much different meaning now for me than it did a few years ago.

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