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Issues part 2

I have this reoccurring neck pain. It comes around every other month to every three months. Sometimes it’s in the form of spasms up my neck and into my head or down my shoulder. Sometimes it’s just a terrible crick in my neck. A couple of times it has been completely unbearable to the point of a chiropractor visit. My first visit happened when Owen was a little over a year old and I fell down the last step at our home walking downstairs with him in my arms. Luckily He was not hurt at all but my back/neck (that I already had problems with) was jarred pretty good.

Recently there was no stand out event but the neck pain was back in full force. So I decided to go back to the chiropractor. I only lasted two sessions the first time. I can’t handle the popping, it is so awkward to hear all that popping in my body. I end up uncontrollably laughing after every adjustment because it’s so creepy. So this week when I went to get adjusted, it was no different during and after the cracking. What was different about this time around was that the chiropractor decided to set me up on a machine. It made little pulses that tickled on my neck and felt very cold. He had me lay face down in a dark room for ten mins. And as he left said,” there are no children for you to take care of, you are completely stress free just relax.” So naturally I start freaking. Who does he think he is? Does he not know that I have much more important things to do than relax? So I decide to make mental lists of what I needed to do, while I waited for the dreadful 10 mins. to be up. When he FINALLY came back into the room he escorts me to another table. Wait what? I can’t go now? (This is in my head because I may be a crazy Type-A control freak but I am not rude.)

He has me lay on my back on a half massage table half water bed where the “bubbles” pummel my back while, again, I am to relax for the next 10 mins. So instead, I mentally wrote this blog about the annoyance of having to go to a chiropractor. Then I realized… My Issues are Starting to Show again, although not through my children, which is nice.

So I stopped writing this blog and left it as a “draft” for the past month. Now as I am rereading my neurotic words I am just laughing because the truth is, that is just how crazy I am.

Nate and I choose to live our lives in a chaotic way. I’m not really sure why, but I like to pile it on and Nate doesn’t like to turn any invitations down. So we end up doing a lot, a lot of the time. It is rare when we have a day of rest and relaxation. In fact yesterday, was the first day that we had no plans in I am not sure how long. Lately I have been spending Sundays at the library working on a group project but as summer school ended last week and fall starts this Thursday I had a rare moment of quiet. So I made the whole family re organize all toys and pick up the house. I will tell you though that on this Monday I feel so much better with the toys organized.

Like I said before, I start class on Thursday, Brain and Behavior and Intimate Partner Violence, and my internship at an Adoption Agency on Wednesday. Needless to say I don’t really see our lives slowing down. I just felt like I should post this blog anyway due to the need to be transparent. No big proclamations about slowing down because the fire in my gut won’t let me but boy are my issues glaring in this post.

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