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My Loves

When Nate goes out of town or is gone for a night I have some weird traditions. I like to eat waffles for dinner (comfort food) drink wine after the kids are in bed and read a book/watch ridiculously sappy movies. AKA Hallmark movies. Tonight I chose the latter as Nate enjoyed his Wilco concert night out. In honor of Mother’s Day fast approaching every hallmark commercial had me in tears. Such a sap I am. I have been a mother for essentially five years (because I definitely include the 10 months of pregnancy)!!! Five years! I often think what is God thinking allowing me to be a mother to TWO little INCREDIBLE people. I mean seriously. I fail so much in just one day, but they are always there with love, hugs, smiles, and kisses to reconcile my countless wrongdoings. There are no words.  They are amazing. So I will indulge my sappy motherhood Movie watching night with way too many pictures of my prides and joys. They are everything along with my beautiful, strong, sincere, loving husband. Jesus’ unconditional love has never been so tangible.IMG_8344.JPGIMG_8286.JPGIMG_5734.JPGIMG_7510.JPGIMG_8193.JPGIMG_7667.JPGIMG_7863.JPG





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