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Visiting Baeya’s Birthparents

This past weekend we headed down to Beaumont, TX to visit Baeya’s birthparents. I haven’t spoken a lot about them because I want to respect their privacy, but also did not want to miss this opportunity to share with everyone what open adoption can look like. I haven’t spoken a ton about open adoption either except on a few blogs including, A Letter to the Birthparents, Adoption Seminar, and Fritzel Number 4. Basically my relationship with Baeya’s birthparents have been primarily via text message. We speak weekly for the most part and its mainly updating on our lives and pictures. I want Baeya to have the opportunity to tell her own story to whomever she wants so I will just say that her birthparents are happily together with a son. He looks and sounds just like Baeya! Such a cutie!

We spent time with Baeya’s birthparents, paternal birth grandmother, and brother on Saturday. I have honestly been waiting for the jealousy to rear its ugly head, but I am very happy to say, it never did! At least not yet. Seeing Baeya’s birthmother hug and kiss on her and tell her how much she missed her was emotional and beautiful. I am so happy that we are apart of each others lives. I have thought about this day for 7 months. Baeya was her adorably dimpled self and definitely acted very comfortable with them if she didn’t recognize them. We got some pictures and had a great time meeting her other brother.  We left Beaumont feeling positive about the future. The fact that Baeya can call them up anytime or visit. The fact that she has them in her life to explain why they made this hard decision, that they love her and always will, and other important things like medical information. Adoption is never going to be easy on any child but at least I can feel comfortable knowing she will have answers to questions that other children of adoption may never find.

So far this open adoption experience has been a very positive one. I can’t wait to continue getting to know Baeya’s birthparents. They are wonderful people and we are so blessed to have them in our lives.






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