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Rookie Mistake

I made a rookie mistake today. A rookie mommy mistake. Several actually. We went and met Nate for lunch and afterwards got a carwash. The kids were being so good, I got duped. Duped into thinking that they could handle a run to Homegoods. I have been craving some decorating time and figured a short run to Homegoods could “scratch the itch”. So I preemptively took Owen to the bathroom as soon as we walked into the store. That plan didn’t work. We ended up in the bathroom 4 more times. That’s right, 5 total! There were two clean up missions (not number 1) and two recon missions, Towmater was missing. (Don’t worry, Towmater was found.) In between the bathroom trips the little one decided it was a good time to spit up. Twice. Full on move the cart over the spit up so no one slips until an employee can clean it up kind of spit up. And the most annoying part of all…I wore jeans. Carrying an infant car seat + 6 month old + 3 year old (all at semi-separate times) back and forth to the bathroom makes for quite the workout. But I made it through without tears or yelling. So I figure I did OK. Not great but OK. Just when you think your getting good at this mommy thing something like this happens and you remember. You are not in control, but I will not be duped again by those innocent faces, at least not for the next two days…

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