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Nate has a short line rail show that he goes to annually and it just so happened to be in San Diego this year. So how could I let him suffer in horrible San Diego all by himself? We planned for me to meet Nate out there and we could have a weekend away. As the show creeped up on us we realized that the rail show was within our 6 month adoption window by one week so we had to change our plans. (We are not allowed to leave Baeya overnight before the adoption is finalized.) So we switched it up and decided to meet Nate in Anaheim and hit up Disneyland. And I am so glad the plans changed. I am pretty sure I had the most fun on our trip. There is absolutely nothing better than seeing your kid so happy. Carsland is at California Adventure Park and if you have spent any time around Owen, you know he carries “Whightning” and “Cisco Nulli” in his hands a good 85% of his days. My parents were able to come with us which made meeting Nate in Orange County a whole lot easier, along with everything else. We were able to use our British Airway points on flights for Owen and I. Our Hilton points covered 2 nights at the hotel, which made the trip a lot less expensive. Yet again, thank you Nate and your points obsession. The day we left, Baeya turned 6 months old which makes her half bday pretty memorable. When Owen turned 6 months we were in Branson, I think Baeya got the better end of that deal. We had an early flight on Friday and were able to hit up Disneyland that day, the next day we went to California Adventure Park, and the third day we took a break and hit up the beach and aquarium.  Our last day we went to Disneyland again, but I wish we had gone to one of the parks the third day for the evening festivities (fireworks). Definitely need to wait until the kids are a little taller to head back and ride the bigger rides, but overall Baeya was able to ride almost every ride that Owen was able to ride. I highly recommend the Buzz Astro Blasters ride and the Toy Story Midway Mania ride, my two favorites. The kids were such troopers. We bought Owen a new Towmater and Lightning McQueen before we left and he played with them in every line waiting on the rides, not complaining once. Baeya did so good sleeping when she could catch a few mins. in the stroller or someone’s shoulder and loved the rides. The time change didn’t even phase them because they were so tired from all the adventures they slept until at least 7 every morning. We had already planned a trip to Disneyworld with my family for next summer and I can’t wait! Grow Owen Grow, I want to ride some more rides, and of course visit Hogwarts! Disneyland Iphone pics 031 Disneyland Iphone pics 032 Disneyland Iphone pics 033 Disneyland Iphone pics 034 Disneyland Iphone pics 036 Disneyland Iphone pics 038 Disneyland Iphone pics 039 Disneyland Iphone pics 041 Disneyland Iphone pics 042 Disneyland Iphone pics 044 Disneyland Iphone pics 046 Disneyland Iphone pics 047  Disneyland Iphone pics 050 Disneyland Iphone pics 052 Disneyland Iphone pics 056 Disneyland Iphone pics 057 Disneyland Iphone pics 059 Disneyland Camera Pics 063 Disneyland Camera Pics 068 Disneyland Camera Pics 069 Disneyland Camera Pics 070 Disneyland Camera Pics 072 Disneyland Camera Pics 073 Disneyland Camera Pics 074 Disneyland Camera Pics 086 Disneyland Camera Pics 091 Disneyland Camera Pics 093 Disneyland Camera Pics 094 Disneyland Camera Pics 096 Disneyland Camera Pics 099 Disneyland Camera Pics 102 Disneyland Camera Pics 103 Disneyland Camera Pics 105


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