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Baeya’s “Official” Adoption Day


There are things that, like anyone, I thought would definitely happen in my life as I grew up. For example, when I was little I thought I would marry my high school sweetheart (thanks mom and dad), sorry, probably a bad example since this happened, but most of my “plans” for the future changed dramatically during high school and college. Except one thing that was a constant from the time I was little. I wanted to be an adoptive mother. I have written before that this has been something on my heart for many many years. I thought about what it would look like, I thought about the process, and I thought about the kid(s) over and over. Now, today, “officially” I become Baeya’s mom. I have loved every second of the last six months and never considered that Baeya was not “officially” my daughter. In case you haven’t read our story, here is it, Fritzel Number 4

As soon as her birthmother handed Baeya to me and said, “here is your daughter”, that was it. Game over, she was a Fritzel.

Nate and I were talking about how strange it is that we are going to see a judge, who has never met us, so he/she can tell us that we are a family. I mean seriously, that’s old news, haven’t they been reading my blog?! JK. Either way, don’t give Nate and I any reason to celebrate because you know we are going to take you up on it. So we are celebrating God’s perfect plan, connecting us with our ridiculously wonderful daughter and of course, being a family of 4.
I also want to highlight a few milestones in Baeya’s life. She turned 6 months last Friday, went to Disneyland, started eating food 3 weeks ago, and started sitting up 2 days ago (she may still be a bit propped but it still counts). Things I adore about her: she’s stubborn, she has the best laugh, she adores her brother (this is completely mutual), I can tell she’s super smart, and I hate to bring in looks but I mean come on, with those dimples!

I am sure I will post again after our adoption day is done, but until then here are some pics.IMG_8757IMG_8787




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  1. Chelsie Stewman says:

    She is so precious and so blessed to have you as her mom! I am so excited for you guys to officially become.the Fritzel family of 4! Congratulations Jackie! We’ll celebrate with you even if we are thousands of miles away!

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