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Adoption Day


I previously shared with everyone in a blog, Baeya’a “Official” Adoption Day that we were headed to the courthouse in Dallas to finalize Baeya’s adoption. Thought I should do a follow-up to let y’all know how things went.

We arrived at the courthouse to meet our attorney that the adoption agency had recommended. When we went into the courtroom the judge entered a few minutes later. He asked everyone to stand and swear that we would all tell the truth. There were several other families there for adoption hearings and more. We were the first to be called up by the judge. Our attorney asked what Nate’s full name was and then proceeded to ask several questions to which Nate answered yes and no. The questions included odd things like, “Do you understand that Baeya will be apart of your family for the rest of your lives?” Ummm. Yea, I think we’ve got that part. And other questions like, ” Have you completed a home study with your adoption agency and passed?” Check. When Nate finished answering the questions, our attorney asked me my full name and if I agreed with all the answers that Nate had given. Once that was over the judge ruled that we were a family and came off the bench to get a pic with us, which was nice and we were told doesn’t always happen.

So now…We are done. Done with seminars, trainings, book reports (yes, this happened), social worker visits (even though we loved her dearly), support groups, doctor reports, and monthly reports. Lucky for us, we have several friends that have adopted and will continue to be as much apart of the adoption community as we can. I believe that adoption is one of the most beautiful physical representations of God’s love and hope that our story, Baeya’s story, will continue to encourage others to consider open adoption and orphan care. Here are some pictures taken by my very dear friend Caroline, who was very brave and brought her camera to the court when we were told it wasn’t allowed. Turns out security let her right through after making her take everything out of her camera bag! She is an amazing birth photographer so just in case you are interested and/or would like to see more of her amazing photographs check out http://www.carolinecarmackblog.com/.

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I completely forgot to give credit to my other wonderful friend Elizabeth who took the Easter pictures that were on Baeya’s “Official” Adoption Day and did an awesome job of capturing Owen and Baeya’s personalities. You can check her out on facebook at Simply E3 Photography and Design.

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