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Happy Birthday Nate!



I was feeling compelled to write a blog today because today is a very special day. I am celebrating because on this day 32 years ago my talented, funny, caring, smart husband was born. There is no other person that can make me as happy (and as mad) as this man. He is greatness. He is a wonderful husband and father and if you are lucky enough to call him a friend he is one of the most loyal and giving friends. So if you happen to run into Nate today, wish him a Happy Birthday because he completely deserves it!

20140409-091419.jpg20140409-091511.jpg    20140409-091645.jpgchristmas 2013 (iphone) 038

And I always thought it was so funny that Owen is always kissing Baeya’s forehead, guess I know who he gets it from…




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