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Scariest Night

In a previous post I mentioned that we finally were able to celebrate Christmas with my family. I have one brother who lives in Moore, Ok and one sister in Austin. So that means they both get to come here for Christmas. My parents live about 5 miles from us so it works great (that is, it works great for me). This year my brother and his family stayed with me and my sis’ fam stayed with my parents. When we left my parents house Saturday we were all very tired so I went to bed shortly after getting both kids to bed. I heard my brother’s family come to our house shortly after that.
Suddenly I am woken up by someone continuously ringing my doorbell. Please note that when I sleep, I sleep like a kid on melatonin. So to say I was a bit confused is the understatement of my year (aka the past 27 days). Which is really funny because in that very moment I couldn’t get my light sleeper husband to wake up. I went around the bed and noticed that my husbands phone was ringing and it was my brother. He hung up before I could answer so I ran to the door assuming it was him trying to get in. I was feeling very relieved that it was just my brother at the door when I started thinking its weird that he got locked out since I had heard him come home already. As I approached the door with my hand ready to unlock the deadbolt I look through the peephole and there is no one there. Weird right. So instead of opening the door (thank goodness) I walked back over to my bedroom where Nate had finally woken up and said Brian isn’t at the door. Then I hear my brothers voice from upstairs say, “DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR”. My brother then comes downstairs and says that there is someone outside that has been beating on our door for several minutes. My bother and his wife were upstairs watching out the window. Nate immediately calls the police and we start waiting. About 5 mins after Nate gets off the phone, Nikki (sis-in-law) says he is walking down the street. Apparently it was a male average to tall with dark hair. After talking more while waiting on the police Nate and I had slept through several minutes of this man beating on our door to the point of the front of the house shaking. We then spoke with a policeman for about 3 mins. He left to look for the man on foot but as far as we know came up with nothing.

After a facebook message to our community page we found out that apparently we were not the only house that this guy tried. Our new neighbors spoke with the guy who admitted to going to a party, being left by his friends, and wanting a ride home. Not sure how beating on people’s doors would get him a ride home unless he wanted a ride in a cop car, but my neighbor did say he reeked of alcohol.

For the past few weeks I have been a tad nervous. Nate went out of town a week ago and I stayed at my mom’s house one of the nights. Once your space has been invaded it takes a while to feel right again. Things are, by the way, feeling normal again, but I will definitely be triple checking my doors for a while.

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