Last year I shared with everyone that I had a bit of a cancer scare in Hiccup in the Road. I have a tendency to treat things like they are no big deal even when I am going through hard times. I have shared with many women from my bible studies about my “self-preservation gene” as I like to call it. You know the voice inside that keeps saying, “oh Jackie don’t be dramatic, I am sure it’s no big deal”. And later says, “Oh that wasn’t that difficult, others go through much worse.” I almost feel guilty talking about how hard those couple of weeks were because I didn’t have to deal with the opposite outcome. But those few weeks make the beginning of this year so much sweeter. I probably would not even reflect on that time if I didn’t have a blog to document these moments for me. So I will celebrate with my beautiful family because we have been a family of four for 3 months. We were accepted into the adoption program at Buckner in January of last year and then immediately thought we would have to put it on hold due to the biopsy. Instead, we got good news and were able to adopt Baeya Hope a little over 10 months later. The exact timeline of when we decided to have a baby to the point that we were blessed with Owen.  So even though I am very thankful for the ”self-preservation gene” I am setting it aside and thinking about how different life could have been this past year and how thankful I am that it turned out how it did. Baeya was meant to be a part of this family from the beginning. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love for the way Owen has stepped into the big brother role. He is so helpful, kind, and loving to “Ms. Baeya” as he lovingly refers to her. He has completely shocked me on how much he loved her from the beginning. Any pics that I may post of his giving kisses to Baeya are completely unprompted. If you had told me that Nate and I would have a daughter and be starting a church by the beginning of 2014 I would have thought you were crazy. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that my life would be so fulfilling. Not sure that 2014 could possibly top 2013 but I am keeping an open mind, you never know what God has in store.










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  1. Chelsie Stewman says:

    I am so overwhelmed by your story! It is such a blessing to read about your family and know that God has a plan that we don’t always understand! I love reading about your journey and seeing the adorable photos of your babies! I wish we were still close, but I am so grateful for technology!!
    Congratulations on your beautiful family of four!
    Love you guys so much!

    • Jackie says:

      You always give the best self esteem boosts! Thank you so much for always having a sweet thing to say. I so wish we were still living close by too but know that God has a great plan for y’all too! I am so amazed by your perseverance when it comes to your school. We will be so lucky to have a great social worker once you finish. Love you and miss you too!

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