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My funny little guy

As Owen gets older and we are learning more and more about his big personality, I constantly find myself thinking I wish he could always be so joyful. I know the world will take some wind out of his sails but I so want to prolong that from happening. Nate (for those of you who don’t know) is a people person and I am a people person but never did I ever think we would produce a huge class clown. Don’t think there is another way to describe it. Before Owen was able to walk he was blowing raspberries on the leather couch just to make us laugh. Which brings me to today’s fiasco… O had been down for a nap for 25 mins when I heard “mama, come here!” Repeatedly. So when I opened the door to Owens darked out room I vaguely see my little jokester jump out fling his hands in the air and yell “tada!” In my annoyed mama voice I told him to get back in bed. As I pulled the covers up I realized that I couldn’t see the stripes on his pj bottoms that we had just put on for naptime. I asked him if he took his pants off and he said yes, but as I was walking out of the room and my eyes had adjusted to the dark room I noticed a diaper on the ground. I went to flip on the lights pulled back Owens covers and Owen shot his feet up in the air with a big smile on his face. He had put his Spider-Man sandals on and was just hoping I would notice. So there is my son naked from the waist down with Spider-Man sandals on his feet. I could not stop laughing and he was so excited that I finally figured out what he had done and had the reaction he was hoping for when he yelled TADA! Wish I could have taken a picture to remember but that probably wouldn’t have been very appropriate. I know I will regret saying this when he is in school but I hope that he stays a little jokester forever.




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  1. Chelsie Stewman says:

    Oh, I miss this little guy! He is such a joy and so much fun! SO excited for you guys to have a boy that will always make you laugh and smile! Miss you so much

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