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Brother and Sister Meet

first week with Baeya 064

If you read the previous post (Fritzel Number4) you know that Owen was not able to go with us to Beaumont to pick up his babysister Baeya, because he was so sick. We were so upset to have to leave him behind, not only because he didn’t get to meet his new sister with us, but also because all he wanted was his mommy and daddy. My mother-in-law, mother, and sister did a great job of taking care of O, but we were so excited for him to meet Baeya when we got home. Since we have been home Owen has assumed his role of Big Bro with a vengeance! We definitely could have used a Big O when O was little! My sister was sweet enough to have the camera ready as soon as we walked in the door. Here is a little rundown in pics of Big brother Owen meeting Little sister Baeya for the first time!

o & B meet

o & b meet3

o &b meet4

o & b meet6

o & b meet7

o & b meet8



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  1. chelsie stewman says:

    that is so sweet jackie! my favorite is the first of the couch series! your face is filled with pure joy and love! sso happy for you guys and O!

  2. Nancy says:

    What an unforgettable time – I love Owen’s face! Very happy for y’all!

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