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Baeya’s Welcome Home



Nate and I have always been extremely blessed when it comes to friends. We grew up in the area, still in contact with high school and college friends, and have gained many work, church, and neighbor friends along the way. We both value having friendships so much and we have clearly done something right because y’all are the best! We have had so many people offer clothing to borrow/have, diapers, bows, showers, photography, and more. Starting with when we walked in the front door to our welcome signs made by Owen and our niece Ella with my sister, Kristin. We then went from no clothes of the female persuasion to a wardrobe FULL within a week! Baeya clearly has a great “village” already. Don’t even get me started on the hairbows, all I can say is “wow”. It’s a different world from all this boy stuff for the past 3 years and I am enjoying every minute.
Baeya continues to be the best baby. (I realize this can change very quickly so I will brag now while I still can) I keep telling people that I thought baby’s like this were a myth! She has us completely captivated! She has this dimple that only comes out when she smiles, and We are constantly waiting for it! Still not quick enough with the camera to get it;) but I will keep trying! Owen has continued to step up as big brother and helper, constantly pointing out his little “seester” to anyone paying attention.
We can’t express enough the gratitude we feel to everyone for your kind words and generous gifts. Baeya Hope has been forever blessed by your loving welcome to the world!

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