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Not only did we get our home study done on Friday, but we are officially in the birthparent book! Usually after the home visit the parents make their birthparent letter and scrapbook page. Well our Social Worker asked us to go ahead and get it together. We had it ready when she arrived and she loved it! We had sent her the “rough copies” for approval prior to the visit so she had already kind of seen it. The home study went great; lots of questions about disciplining, a few suggestions of safety improvements for the house, a lot of laughing, and three hours later we are in “the book”. Now the real waiting begins. Prayers are greatly appreciated for the future birthparents of our baby to find us.  We have no idea if it could be tomorrow or two years from now so letting go and continuing to trust God’s plan is on the agenda, along with enjoying some much needed time with family and friends. Thanks to those of you who have been so encouraging and supportive!

I attached our scrapbook pages for the birthparent book below. The page was made by my very talented friend Caroline of http://www.carolinecarmackblog.com/ Caroline is a birth photographer in the North Ft. Worth area, just in case you are looking:)



scapbook page

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  1. Chelsie Stewman says:

    Jackie and Nate!
    You two are incredible people with hearts bigger than anyone I’ve known! I am so encouraged by your bravery, honesty, and commitment to this process and have been completely blessed following this journey! I am so proud to know you and be your friends! I will continue to pray for you all and hope that your journey to become parents again is smooth and exciting at the same time! I love you guys and congratulations! Miss you so much!

    • Jackie says:

      Chelsie that was so sweet, thank you so much, you always have kind and encouraging words and I so appreciate that! Miss you too!

  2. Chelsie Stewman says:


  3. Chelsie Stewman says:

    So so so so excited for you!!! Love you guys and your sweet family of 4 so much!

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