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No fun anymore

Nate likes to tell me that I am no fun anymore. It hurts a bit, but I know he’s right. I really don’t love going to concerts anymore, or spending a Saturday watching football, or dressing up for Halloween (oh wait I have NEVER liked the last one). Either way I have been thinking about how I can be more fun. So we decided to go get some costumes and attend a Halloween party at Nate’s work. BTW I also kind of hate Halloween. I am addicted to salt so the candy thing doesn’t do it for me and finding a costume is pretty much the most stressful thing ever. Don’t want to be too cliche’, don’t want to be dressed scantily clad which seems to be the only options at the costume stores for women, don’t want to spend money on renting, and would rather not dress up as an animal. All this being said, I will say it was super easy this year, we barely made any effort, and the costumes turned out decent enough. Owen was batman, we made Nate a robin costume, and I was cat woman. Did I mention that I didn’t actually know about this party until the day before so it was very last minute, to say the least. But, in spite of the last minute costume run, I did have a lot of fun and am thinking I may have to “have fun” more often.



This has to buy me at least a week of being fun right?

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