New Beginnings

I have a sweet friend who calls herself a “baby Christian”. It’s so funny to me because that is exactly how I feel too. For all intensive purposes I don’t think anyone would call me a “baby Christian”. I have gone to church my whole life. In fact my mother took me and my brother and sister to church 3 times a week growing up. For some reason I don’t think the information absorbed like my mother had hoped, I wasn’t hearing accurate information, or my mind just wasn’t comprehending the way it should. Either way I feel like two years ago I started over. My understanding of Christ’s life, love, and sacrifice had, thankfully, always been there. Which is definitely the most important part, but all the other stuff. Gone. So I started over, learning of the bible and all the amazing things that happened before and after Christ’s life and resurrection. You would think it would be easier for me as an avid reader but it’s not. Don’t get me wrong it’s much easier than when I was in high school but it’s still hard and I still forget a lot. The church we have been going to for the past several years did a great job of reaching out to encourage Nate and I in our “baby times”. We are so greatful for the time we spent there and the friendships we have made. Through those friendships and Lifegroups we met a pastor (who has a way of explaining the bible in just the right way I needed to “get it” and makes me laugh at the same time), his wife (an amazing mother and friend whose authenticity and charm have been a welcomed blessing in my world) and their two kiddos who are the cutest! We believe in them so much that Nate and I have decided to fully support the next chapter in their lives. The Collective, We are so excited about their vision and can’t wait to dig in and help! If you would like to hear more check out www.robcarmackwords.com

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  1. Caroline says:

    Aw Jackie this made me just a bit teary-eyed! We are SO very glad the Fritzels are in our lives and lifegroup!

  2. Rob Carmack says:

    Jackie, Caroline and I feel so blessed to have you and Nate in our lives. I know that you guys have a lot on your plate right now, and it means so much to me that you would take the time to write this in the midst of your own stuff. I’m humbled by your kind words, and I’m so excited that you guys want to be part of whatever comes next for us.

    • Jackie says:

      I have to be honest Rob, I had already written it and was waiting for your post before I posted. But i was very excited to post it!

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