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Juggling Act

Today I had a glitch and forgot that Owens school pictures were this morning! My first instinct is to beat up on myself, but I am making a choice to be okay with the fact that my son will be wearing a red t-shirt with a guitar and drums on it in his first school pic. I mean hey that just makes him more of a rocker than he already was right. Besides, that kid is cute (biases coming out now) he looks adorable in anything! As most of you know I am currently in graduate school and this semester I had to start my first practicum (aka. Internship). (Excuses, excuses) We are required to participate in two internships through school. The first is 400 hrs in one semester which ends up being about a 30 hrs of non payed work a week. My last job was working in an elementary school as the school social worker and I loved it. I was there for 5 years until I resigned to have Owen and be a stay at home mom/grad student. (Back story) So if you didn’t already know my “specialty” is children and families. During our first internship we are asked to choose something outside of our specialties and my second favorite interest in SW is mental health. I have also always had a hankering to work in a hospital situation. So low and behold I got both of my choices for this semester and was placed at a psychiatric hospital. I was placed in the admissions unit, which means, we make the decision after a long assessment as to whether or not the patient needs hospitalization, partial hospitalization, or out patient therapy. I get to witness diagnoses being made and be privy to what mental illness can look like unmedicated and/or at its worst. The men and women that work there are amazing. They see it all and are great in a crisis. I thought I was good in a crisis situation but this has definitely made me question how “good” I really am. Meanwhile, my awesome husband has totally stepped up to the plate. He is my rock and I am so thankful that I have him. He has spent A LOT more time prepping Owen for preschool, bedtime, and all the in between along with my mother in law who is always there willing to help out so much. It is a very humbling experience to have to rely on people when I am one that likes to do all things myself. (Type A over here) So back to the internship, I am finally over the hump, half way through, everyone is surviving, I am making an A in my class, (so far) and on top of it all we just scheduled our home visit for next Friday. So if you get a chance say a little prayer for our family, we could use it!;)

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