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Trip to Florida

Nate decided that we should do something special this year for our anniversary. It has been 7 years… 7 years. I feel like I am still fresh out of college, I have to keep reminding myself that I am actually 31 years old. Blah, I don’t even like saying it out loud. Anyway, we ended up on a trip to Florida after finding some flights that we could use our British Airway points on. Yep, that’s right free flights for all three of us, this whole “points” things is pretty nice. We ended up in Destin, apparently the rates for condos goes way down after school starts. Just a tip for all you parents of younger ones. We got a two bedroom condo right across a little street from the ocean. Owen had the best time playing in the sand. I also have to say that if you don’t own a puddle jumper and have an eighteen month old to 4 year old, YOU NEED ONE. Owen can swim all by himself with this thing on, it’s AMAZING. We had him in 4 ft of ocean with largish waves and he would not let us touch him. He has never loved the water this much before. Apparently this post is turning into a lot of endorsements, so here is one more. If you want a good, fun family vacation. Destin is the way to go. So much to do we didn’t have enough time in our short stay. There are a few harbor areas with tons of kiddie things such as playgrounds, feeding fish, yachts to check out, zip-lining, carousel-riding, an aquarium, and (for mommy) the outlet mall! We had the best time, I was not ready to come home! Especially to my new “job”. But that’s another post. Here are some pics from our awesome trip to Destin!


20130913-151659.jpg                                             20130913-151720.jpg


20130913-151804.jpg                          20130913-151845.jpg


20130913-151908.jpg              20130913-152015.jpg


20130913-152032.jpg                               20130913-152210.jpg


20130913-152247.jpg                                             20130913-152322.jpg


20130913-152350.jpg                                                       20130913-152414.jpg


20130913-152428.jpg              20130913-152458.jpg


20130913-152519.jpg                             20130913-152605.jpg


20130913-152632.jpg                                              20130913-152647.jpg


20130913-152706.jpg                                                                     20130913-152739.jpg


20130913-152826.jpg                             20130913-152836.jpg


20130913-152843.jpg                                20130913-152854.jpg


20130913-152901.jpg                                     20130913-152912.jpg


20130913-153419.jpg                                                 20130913-153433.jpg


20130913-153442.jpg                                20130913-153459.jpg