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Please Don’t Lick That…

lickingI have decided that toddlers are not my strong point. I didn’t get really frustrated when Owen was super angry and crying when he was a baby, I didn’t even mind that I wasn’t getting any sleep the first 6-7 months of Owen’s life when he only would nap/sleep on me. I didn’t even mind the spit up all that much when he had reflux. But toddlerdom is a whole other ball game, that I am not equipped for. I am working on it and my adoption social worker has recommended a book called, The Connected Child. Nate and I are going to an adoption seminar soon that will feature the author of this book, so I hope to learn a lot of great tips from her session/reading the book. I feel like the words out of my mouth are ridiculous. Here are some staples right now…

– Please don’t lick that

-Please don’t drink the bath water

-You need to go to bed

-The bath water is dirty

-Please don’t lick that

-Use your words

-Can you tell me what’s wrong

-Please don’t lick that

-No touching the toilet

-Can you please stop yelling


Notice how the majority of these have to do with the bathroom, funny thing is we haven’t technically started potty training yet. Luckily my kid is probably on the easier side, or at least I keep telling myself that. Timeout works well, but it can be tricky in public. Especially when you have to do timeouts in the public bathrooms and your child thinks “nose on the wall” is a literal reference. Lots to learn…Anyone have any great tips for toddlers?


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