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Just got home from the annual girls trip and we yet again had a blast. It is so fun to meet and enjoy all these different cities every year. As I have already informed you in a previous post, Girl’s Trip, I got to pick where we went this year and I chose Nashville. So let me just say for those of you who don’t know, I am not at all a country music fan. I have gone through times in my life when I did enjoy country music but currently choose to NEVER listen to it. So in planning this trip I knew that we would be hearing a lot of country and learning a lot about the history of country music, and I was fine with that. BUT I also thought that because Nashville is just such a music city that we would definitely see other genres too, but i was wrong. Now there were some bands that incorporated a little classic rock, rock, rap, and bluegrass, but these were few and far between. So here is a rundown of the places we went and how great or not so great they all were. We threw out a few adjectives for the places we went and here is what we came up with…


Tootsies=Super Fun


Tequila Cowboy=Gross food, terrible music, dirty

The Stage=Best music

Honky Tonk Center=Good times

Nashville Annoyances=Tip Jars, really shorts skirts and shorts

This is what you get from three girls on their way home from a really fun girl’s trip. We did love the Ryman Auditorium Tour, the Grand Ole Opry Tour, the Belle Meade Plantation, the Pancake Pantry, and many other experiences. Overall I would rate Nashville as a great girls getaway, just in case you are in the market. Here are some pics from this years’ adventures.

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