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Iphone Fail

I had a little fail this past weekend. I forgot to bring snacks to our Church Lifegroup. I know this seems fairly minor, but I don’t do things like this.  It gives me anxiety to think that I could mess up a scheduled event that effects people. (like 10ish people) So here is the deal, I dropped my cell phone about 5 weeks ago and it smashed the hard drive.  Funny thing is the outside looks perfect.  Have I mentioned this was my 3rdish Iphone that has been damaged in some way/shape/form in the past year?  Now I do feel bad about this but COME ON. I can’t do it!   I have become so reliant on that stupid device. I don’t even carry a planner anymore (big deal to such a scheduled person).  So it has completely messed me up. I am not writing this to tell you how profound my last 5 weeks have been not getting on Facebook as much or not relying on my cell phone for info/entertainment. It has sucked. (I hate that word but I am not sure what other word could describe it so perfectly.) I mean I forgot how to google map things. Plugging it in to my cell phone is SO MUCH EASIER! Lucky for everyone, my contract (that phone 2 year contract) ends JULY 12TH!!! So this time tomorrow I will be back in the IPHONE GAME! WOO HOO! So those people out there who say crazy things like, “It’s so nice not to be tied to technology.” Well those people clearly don’t know how to work an Iphone or have never owned one. And there is my first world problem for the month!

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