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Girl’s Trip!

Tonight I went out with some girlfriends to Baja in Grapevine. We have dinner every couple of weeks or so and catch up. These are my high school girls that I have blogged about several times before. 16 years later! We go on a girls trip every year for the past four years officially and this was my year to plan the trip. We started because my friend Lindsey read an article about girlfriends going on a vacation annually and thought it sounded fun. Prior to starting our girls trips we had gone to several places together, including; Austin (my bachelorette party), Shreveport (a birthday getaway), Las Vegas twice (new years 2007 and Lindsey’s bachelorette/wedding 2009), and San Francisco (a visit to another HS friend). So Lindsey surprised us with the first official trip in 2010 to Savannah. Korey picked our next trip to Seattle in 2011, and Emily picked our last years trip to Boston. We all agree on the date, amount of money we want to spend, and then the person who gets to plan decides how/when they tell the rest of us where we are going.  We have so many great memories from these trips and it was especially awesome for us to meet tonight and for me to get to tell them where our next trip will be. After they each got one guess (none of them guessed correctly, although Korey was very close) I gave them little keychains with cowboys boots and hats.  As soon as they saw the keychains Emily blurted out Nashville.  This night was especially cool for me because one its just fun (I have been waiting patiently to plan my trip for four years) and two because almost exactly 6 months ago, we were sitting at the same restaurant when I told them that I was having a biopsy to determine if I had breast cancer. Hiccup in the Road Another reminder that there is so much to be thankful for! So my trip is planned and we are going to Nashville. The girls sounded excited so hopefully there was no faking going on but we are leaving in 3 weeks! Here are some pics from the last few trips!

Savannah 2010



Seattle 2011




Boston 2012

20130724-224501.jpg I realize this last picture looks like I was photoshopped in, but I assure you, I was not.   Does anyone else do anything like this? We are looking for advice on our next four years.  Any great hidden cities that we should check out?

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