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A few weekends ago I went with some friends to visit my friend Korey’s parents near Fredericksburg. I was a little nervous with sleeping arrangements and any possible “camping” I might have to do. Camping with a 2 year old seems to me like a REALLY bad idea. I was told that we would be sleeping in a pop up trailer and I am not going to lie, it scared me a little. First I was thinking that Owen is going to roll off this little mat in the middle of the night and have a screaming fit. Then I was thinking if we are outside late then he might hear us and wake up. So I kind of asked if we could weigh all sleeping options after we got there. The couple who live in Harper own 5 acres about 30 mins outside Fredericksburg and have built a 3 bedroom house on the property. So since the stink I made they let us sleep in one of the bedrooms in the house. After seeing the actual pop up I felt like a big nerd due to the fact that it had two kings size beds, A/C, a bathroom, and it was parked in the garage! Now that’s my kind of camping! Anyway we ended up hitting two wineries, yes, with a 2 year old. Don’t judge, he had a great time. We went to Grape Creek Winery and I really enjoyed several wines from there. The next place was called Mendelbaum and they had some pretty strongly flavored reds that were fun to try. We then went to the brewery in town but it was a hour and a half wait. Really an hour and a half? Crazy, so we ended up at a little Italian restaurant called Pasta Bella and it was pretty good. Afterward we did a little shopping and had “the best ice cream ever” according to the hubs at the Clear River Pecan Company. The decorating store called “Red” is my favorite place to go in Fredericksburg. They have the coolest light fixtures! Anyway we are so thankful to our gracious hosts! Here are a few pics that I scrounged up from others, apparently I didn’t take any pics, except of one of the awesome light fixtures. Although I was shooting from a crappy phone so it’s not a great pic. More on that in IPhone Fail You may recognize the glowing newlyweds or at least the bride from a previous post, 16 years later! But I have to say the absolute most fun was playing games on the property and hanging out with some amazing friends!





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