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Chicago/South Bend Trip

Nate’s cousin got married in South Bend, IN this weekend so we decided to fly into Chicago and spend a day doing some family stuff together beforehand. On Friday after landing around 11, we rented a car. Apparently our particular rental car place only had Fiat’s and Smart cars for economy rentals so we decided that with Owen’s gigantic carseat a two door wasn’t going to cut it. We upgraded to a mid size for $5 more a day and ended up in a 4 door silver volvo. It was so cute and very zippy. We met Nate’s other cousin at a children’s museum north of Chicago called Kohl Children’s Museum. It had so many fun things to do including a car area (Owens favorite), a music area, a library, a grocery store, water area, art area, and much more.

20130723-144221.jpg                                   20130723-144244.jpg

We may have popped in to a toy store while waiting to meet the cousins along with lunch at Portillos!

20130723-144257.jpgOwen found the drums pretty quickly, just like his Daddy.

That night we ordered in some Lou Malnati’s Chicago style pizza and it was delicious! The next morning we went back into downtown and walked the Magnificent Mile or at least a small portion (Traffic took a little longer than originally thought), then headed to South Bend, IN for the wedding.

20130723-144339.jpg                 20130723-144320.jpg

Owen got to hang with Grandma PJ, Papa, Uncle Adam, and Mallory for a bit before dinner.

20130724-154144.jpg                     20130724-154155.jpg                                                Dinner was on campus at none other than The Legends of Notre Dame Restaurant.


20130724-154204.jpg           20130724-154214.jpg

After a lot of guesses we found out that Notre Dame only has 11,000 students. Cousin Jason’s guess was the closest at 7,000 while I came in second with 18,000.


Right next to the hotel was the old College Football Hall of Fame. Owen really enjoyed the 30 yard football field.


We did make it to the South Bend Zoo on Sunday AM before the wedding. We saw lots of animals up close and personal.

20130724-154255.jpg                             20130724-154316.jpg

20130724-154325.jpg                            20130724-154350.jpg

20130724-154417.jpg                                                  20130724-154404.jpg


After a long nap, we got ready to go to the wedding.  Owen was looking good in his new $3 hat!

20130724-154432.jpg                                                         20130724-154441.jpg



The hubs was looking good too!

20130724-154503.jpg                                             20130724-154526.jpg

The wedding was a beautiful one! We danced the night away, Owen was a bit delirious towards the end of the night!

20130724-154531.jpg                                                     20130724-154512.jpg



The next day we got to go to the Shedd Aquarium, took a water taxi to the Navy Pier, and ate at Harry Caray’s.  Owen had so much fun with his cousins! We were exhausted heading to the airport, but had a great time with the Fritzel Family.


20130724-154545.jpg                                20130724-154552.jpg

Always love to visit Chicago and a new place (South Bend), but it feels good to be home!                                                     20130724-160313.jpg

Until next time Chicago!:)


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