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Girl’s Trip!

Tonight I went out with some girlfriends to Baja in Grapevine. We have dinner every couple of weeks or so and catch up. These are my high school girls that I have blogged about several times before. 16 years later! We go on a girls trip every year for the past four years officially and this was my year to plan the trip. We started because my friend Lindsey read an article about girlfriends going on a vacation annually and thought it sounded fun. Prior to starting our girls trips we had gone to several places together, including; Austin (my bachelorette party), Shreveport (a birthday getaway), Las Vegas twice (new years 2007 and Lindsey’s bachelorette/wedding 2009), and San Francisco (a visit to another HS friend). So Lindsey surprised us with the first official trip in 2010 to Savannah. Korey picked our next trip to Seattle in 2011, and Emily picked our last years trip to Boston. We all agree on the date, amount of money we want to spend, and then the person who gets to plan decides how/when they tell the rest of us where we are going.  We have so many great memories from these trips and it was especially awesome for us to meet tonight and for me to get to tell them where our next trip will be. After they each got one guess (none of them guessed correctly, although Korey was very close) I gave them little keychains with cowboys boots and hats.  As soon as they saw the keychains Emily blurted out Nashville.  This night was especially cool for me because one its just fun (I have been waiting patiently to plan my trip for four years) and two because almost exactly 6 months ago, we were sitting at the same restaurant when I told them that I was having a biopsy to determine if I had breast cancer. Hiccup in the Road Another reminder that there is so much to be thankful for! So my trip is planned and we are going to Nashville. The girls sounded excited so hopefully there was no faking going on but we are leaving in 3 weeks! Here are some pics from the last few trips!

Savannah 2010



Seattle 2011




Boston 2012

20130724-224501.jpg I realize this last picture looks like I was photoshopped in, but I assure you, I was not.   Does anyone else do anything like this? We are looking for advice on our next four years.  Any great hidden cities that we should check out?



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Chicago/South Bend Trip

Nate’s cousin got married in South Bend, IN this weekend so we decided to fly into Chicago and spend a day doing some family stuff together beforehand. On Friday after landing around 11, we rented a car. Apparently our particular rental car place only had Fiat’s and Smart cars for economy rentals so we decided that with Owen’s gigantic carseat a two door wasn’t going to cut it. We upgraded to a mid size for $5 more a day and ended up in a 4 door silver volvo. It was so cute and very zippy. We met Nate’s other cousin at a children’s museum north of Chicago called Kohl Children’s Museum. It had so many fun things to do including a car area (Owens favorite), a music area, a library, a grocery store, water area, art area, and much more.

20130723-144221.jpg                                   20130723-144244.jpg

We may have popped in to a toy store while waiting to meet the cousins along with lunch at Portillos!

20130723-144257.jpgOwen found the drums pretty quickly, just like his Daddy.

That night we ordered in some Lou Malnati’s Chicago style pizza and it was delicious! The next morning we went back into downtown and walked the Magnificent Mile or at least a small portion (Traffic took a little longer than originally thought), then headed to South Bend, IN for the wedding.

20130723-144339.jpg                 20130723-144320.jpg

Owen got to hang with Grandma PJ, Papa, Uncle Adam, and Mallory for a bit before dinner.

20130724-154144.jpg                     20130724-154155.jpg                                                Dinner was on campus at none other than The Legends of Notre Dame Restaurant.


20130724-154204.jpg           20130724-154214.jpg

After a lot of guesses we found out that Notre Dame only has 11,000 students. Cousin Jason’s guess was the closest at 7,000 while I came in second with 18,000.


Right next to the hotel was the old College Football Hall of Fame. Owen really enjoyed the 30 yard football field.


We did make it to the South Bend Zoo on Sunday AM before the wedding. We saw lots of animals up close and personal.

20130724-154255.jpg                             20130724-154316.jpg

20130724-154325.jpg                            20130724-154350.jpg

20130724-154417.jpg                                                  20130724-154404.jpg


After a long nap, we got ready to go to the wedding.  Owen was looking good in his new $3 hat!

20130724-154432.jpg                                                         20130724-154441.jpg



The hubs was looking good too!

20130724-154503.jpg                                             20130724-154526.jpg

The wedding was a beautiful one! We danced the night away, Owen was a bit delirious towards the end of the night!

20130724-154531.jpg                                                     20130724-154512.jpg



The next day we got to go to the Shedd Aquarium, took a water taxi to the Navy Pier, and ate at Harry Caray’s.  Owen had so much fun with his cousins! We were exhausted heading to the airport, but had a great time with the Fritzel Family.


20130724-154545.jpg                                20130724-154552.jpg

Always love to visit Chicago and a new place (South Bend), but it feels good to be home!                                                     20130724-160313.jpg

Until next time Chicago!:)





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A few weekends ago I went with some friends to visit my friend Korey’s parents near Fredericksburg. I was a little nervous with sleeping arrangements and any possible “camping” I might have to do. Camping with a 2 year old seems to me like a REALLY bad idea. I was told that we would be sleeping in a pop up trailer and I am not going to lie, it scared me a little. First I was thinking that Owen is going to roll off this little mat in the middle of the night and have a screaming fit. Then I was thinking if we are outside late then he might hear us and wake up. So I kind of asked if we could weigh all sleeping options after we got there. The couple who live in Harper own 5 acres about 30 mins outside Fredericksburg and have built a 3 bedroom house on the property. So since the stink I made they let us sleep in one of the bedrooms in the house. After seeing the actual pop up I felt like a big nerd due to the fact that it had two kings size beds, A/C, a bathroom, and it was parked in the garage! Now that’s my kind of camping! Anyway we ended up hitting two wineries, yes, with a 2 year old. Don’t judge, he had a great time. We went to Grape Creek Winery and I really enjoyed several wines from there. The next place was called Mendelbaum and they had some pretty strongly flavored reds that were fun to try. We then went to the brewery in town but it was a hour and a half wait. Really an hour and a half? Crazy, so we ended up at a little Italian restaurant called Pasta Bella and it was pretty good. Afterward we did a little shopping and had “the best ice cream ever” according to the hubs at the Clear River Pecan Company. The decorating store called “Red” is my favorite place to go in Fredericksburg. They have the coolest light fixtures! Anyway we are so thankful to our gracious hosts! Here are a few pics that I scrounged up from others, apparently I didn’t take any pics, except of one of the awesome light fixtures. Although I was shooting from a crappy phone so it’s not a great pic. More on that in IPhone Fail You may recognize the glowing newlyweds or at least the bride from a previous post, 16 years later! But I have to say the absolute most fun was playing games on the property and hanging out with some amazing friends!







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Iphone Fail

I had a little fail this past weekend. I forgot to bring snacks to our Church Lifegroup. I know this seems fairly minor, but I don’t do things like this.  It gives me anxiety to think that I could mess up a scheduled event that effects people. (like 10ish people) So here is the deal, I dropped my cell phone about 5 weeks ago and it smashed the hard drive.  Funny thing is the outside looks perfect.  Have I mentioned this was my 3rdish Iphone that has been damaged in some way/shape/form in the past year?  Now I do feel bad about this but COME ON. I can’t do it!   I have become so reliant on that stupid device. I don’t even carry a planner anymore (big deal to such a scheduled person).  So it has completely messed me up. I am not writing this to tell you how profound my last 5 weeks have been not getting on Facebook as much or not relying on my cell phone for info/entertainment. It has sucked. (I hate that word but I am not sure what other word could describe it so perfectly.) I mean I forgot how to google map things. Plugging it in to my cell phone is SO MUCH EASIER! Lucky for everyone, my contract (that phone 2 year contract) ends JULY 12TH!!! So this time tomorrow I will be back in the IPHONE GAME! WOO HOO! So those people out there who say crazy things like, “It’s so nice not to be tied to technology.” Well those people clearly don’t know how to work an Iphone or have never owned one. And there is my first world problem for the month!



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Recently I was discussing a book with some friends in a bible study that I am in at my church.  The book is called Anything by Jennie Allen.  There is a national study currently with this book and I am so glad that I am able to be apart of it. The basis of the book is would you do ANYTHING for GOD? I don’t know if I am to that point or not. I  would LIKE to think that I am willing to do ANYTHING as I continue to grow in my relationship with Christ, but I also feel that ANYTHING is a place that I am not sure I have really gone.  There is a song I used to sing a lot as a teenager in church.  The lyrics are Lord my desire is to be like you. Say the things you say, do the things you do. Oh let me hear your still voice through all the other noise. So that I can be, just what you want me to be. This song has been on repeat in my head for the past several weeks. I think this explains exactly where I am right now. I want to be the person that I am meant to be but for some reason I can’t seem to hear through all the other noise, to find out who that person is. I would say that adoption was something that was driven by God for me, but I have had a passion for adoption for many years, at least since middle school. God clearly knows how stubborn I am and that I needed many years to prep for adoption. I often wonder about the decisions that I am making currently. Such as, should I be working at a mental health hospital this fall, is Owen ready for me to go back to work, am I being selfish by being in graduate school right now. Don’t get me wrong I prayed about all these things before making any decisions, but then I wonder, did I actually wait for an answer? So again I just keep saying, Let me hear your still voice through all the other noise. So that I can be, just what you want me to be.