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Owen’s Nursery


Owen’s nursery was another room that I had completely decorated in my head before I started.  Now I posted pictures from our old house first because I have really great pictures from his six month photo shoot.  Courtesy of Blackerby Photography, an amazing couple of photographers who we went to high school with.  (Please check them out if you need anyone amazing!)  May have gotten a little carried away with the Owen pics.  I also posted pics of the new house taken by me, so they are pretty sad.  It pretty much looks the same.

Big milestone on August 4th! Owen moved to a big boy bed! He started out pretty nervous but after some Harry Potter storytelling he calmed right down and eventually went to sleep. He slept almost two hours for his nap. At bedtime he went right to sleep after a few books and a prayer. Unfortunately, Nate and I awoke to some crying around 1AM. I went into his room and he had fallen off the bed. After soothing him for a second he climbed right back in and went to sleep.  Owen woke up at 7AM which was a little earlier than normal, but I figure I should probably count my blessings for how well it went.  So here is Owen’s new BIG BOY room!
Owen's room
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