Our Adoption

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Stuff forgotten…

Nate and I were trying to get some adoption paperwork together the other day and somehow we have completely overlooked the part that we need a will and we need life insurance for both of us. I have no idea how we completely missed these two important things but we did. I also know what you are all thinking, “you don’t have life insurance?” I know please don’t judge, we like to be ignorant when it comes to potential future disasters. At least this adoption is forcing us to be grownups;). On another note, we went to Oklahoma for our future baby nephew’s baby shower this weekend and had some fun family time. Owen had a blast with his cousins and watching cousin Brody “shoot baskets”! I have not figured out how to upload videos ( I have a cute one of Owen and all his cousins) so I am just posting a random picture of O. 

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